6 Ideas To Make Your Product’s Email Marketing Campaign a Success

Your email list is your golden ticket to product launch success. If you don’t market your new product to your email list you’re missing out on substantial profits. In fact, many internet marketers often spend a few months building their list before they launch a new product. Here are some ideas and success strategies to help you use your email list to market your product.

1 Give them the inside scoop! Your email list will appreciate advance notice on any product or service you launch. Additionally, you can use your autoresponder to share inside information; for example an excerpt from your new book if you’re launching an ebook or information product. You can also use your email list to send them coupons, discounts and other incentives that is exclusive to them. Make your email list feel special because they are.

2Get personal. One of the advantages of an email marketing list is the ability to connect with them personally. Autoresponder content is generally more effective when your reader can feel connected to the content. Use personal examples, stories and even challenges and mistakes to help connect with your subscribers.

3 Consider adding video. If you normally don’t market with video, consider adding a video message in your e-mail. It might be a short video tip or you can share a personal experience and how you solved it. You can also test to see how a full scale “how-to” video message works for your audience.

4 Don’t promote too much. Your subscribers do expect some promotional material but they don’t want a hard sell. Instead, offer valuable information. Consider using the teaser approach. Offer valuable information and then tell them how they can get more information.

5 Always have a goal for your content. It doesn’t have to be to sell your product. You might simply want people to forward the e-mail to their friends and family. You might want them to download a free worksheet or click through to watch a video message. Make sure you have a goal in your content.

6 In addition to a goal you want to give your subscribers a call to action. Tell them what you want them to do next. Include a link or some form of action so you can track the results. This is important for two reasons. One, you can test and track the various response rates. Additionally, if you get your subscribers in the habit of taking action before you launch your product, they’re consistently saying yes, they’re more likely to say yes when it’s time to actually promote your product.

Also, consider testing and tracking when your response rates are the highest. What time of day, week and month do you get the most open rates? What headlines motivate your readers to open your e-mail? What calls to action get the most results? You can use this information to help craft your message on launch day.

I help growing businesses increase revenue, expand brand awareness, and earn happier customers. @iameduardvoicu

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