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Ever start a new project, a new job, or a challenge where you’re motivated and excited, but you happen to lose that excitement as days drag on? And before you realize it, production goes down with it? Some people might throw the label that you’re just lazy. It’s easy to assume this whenever something happens, but it doesn't help us get better.

Maybe this has happened to people on your team that you work with or work for you. …

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Quick Answer:

I’m going to give you a simple answer to why you should be texting your customers and followers. If you want to read more about it, keep reading!

Why should you be texting your customers? Because a text message gets straight to them and has a smaller chance of getting lost among hundreds of other sleazy marketing messages.

Many companies offer a similar type of service, but what is important is defining how YOU are going to use it and WHAT is the MAIN purpose behind it. Are you trying to close more sales from abandoned-cart customers that went to…

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Are you a salesperson? Are you a business owner and have a sales team? Have you ever wondered why you or your team isn’t closing deals as fast or as much as possible? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have good news for you! I will share the top five reasons why closers tend to fail at sealing the deal.

№1. Lack of belief in the product.

If you are trying to sell something that you're not sold on completely, you will not convince someone else to purchase. You see, people don’t buy products; they buy a solution. One of the quickest ways…

I want to make this article short and sweet. Straight to the point without the fluff. Because fluff will not help you scale your hustle and your business.

Warning: Taking action and implementing this will increase your revenue, scale your business and make your life less stressful. Implement at your own risk.

I have seen many businesses and freelancers very successful and are doing pretty well, even with all the custom-tailored projects. But there comes the point where you can only do so much with a given time-frame and resources at your disposal.

Chances are, at this stage, you're going…

Your brand perception starts with your culture rather than your design aspect. Take a look at how big brands are making these mistakes.

If you are a prominent business owner or small business owner, you might have come across the word “branding.” You might associate it with “design” and “logo,” but many forget that even though you have a $10k logo, it won’t magically improve your brand image per se.

But I am here to inform and educate you that if you want to close more deals, improve your brand image perception, it must start from within the company, with the most IMPORTANT asset you have—the people.

I could end the article right here, and you would have gotten the information you needed…

Your email list is your golden ticket to product launch success. If you don’t market your new product to your email list you’re missing out on substantial profits. In fact, many internet marketers often spend a few months building their list before they launch a new product. Here are some ideas and success strategies to help you use your email list to market your product.

1 Give them the inside scoop! Your email list will appreciate advance notice on any product or service you launch. Additionally, you can use your autoresponder to share inside information; for example an excerpt from…

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I help growing businesses increase revenue, expand brand awareness, and earn happier customers. @iameduardvoicu

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